KAT VON D Metal Matte Eyeshadow Palette: First Impression

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KAT VON D is a well know high-end beauty brand among most of the famous makeup artists. They have such an amazing range of makeup products known for its great quality. I have heard a lot of positive reviews about their liquid lipsticks, the shade and light palette and much more.
Recently, I got one of the KAT VON D eyeshadow palettes i.e Metal Matte. Thanks to http://beautytales.co.in, I got it in a great deal. Keep on reading to know more.

MetalMatte Eyeshadow Palette

Product Description

MetalMatte Eyeshadow Palette

Unleash your inner alter ego. Are you a soft matte or heavy metal? Two extremes join forces in one high-contrast palette. Featuring KAT's signature metal crush and matte eyeshadow formulas!

This palette contains:

 9 -  37.4g Metal Crush eyeshadow
13 - 37.4g Matte eyeshadow
3  -  Step-by-step tutorial



The actual price for KAT VON D metal matte eyeshadow palette is around $60.
I got it in a great discount of just Rs 3000/- from Beauty Tales. (Check out the website for amazing international makeup) 

First Impression on KAT VON D MetalMatte eyeshadow palette

The KAT VON D MetalMatte eyeshadow palette is HUGE!!! The first thing which I noticed when it arrived. 


It comes in a beautiful black and grey coloured cardboard packaging. I loved the design of the palette, the way metal matte is written on top of it. It is so creative and artistic. One side says metal and when you flip the palette it says matte. That's really cool. On the back side of the packaging, it has all the shades mentioned and the ingredients.

It has a beautiful big size mirror with KAT VON D logo on the top. 
KAT VON D MetalMatte eyeshadow palette comes with 9 metal shades in the circular pan and 13 matte shades in rectangular pan ranging from neutrals to some of the bold colours.



Metal shades

Nebula      Beautiful royal blue, extremely creamy and pigmented.
Watt          Dusty teal, creamy warm toned.
Ignite        Greenish silver, highly pigmented.
Tinsel        The prettiest bold silver chunky shade.
Glitz          Cool toned, light pink shade.
Twinkle     Girly cool toned light purple.
Volt            Perfect wine shade.
Synergy     Gorgeous bronzy metal.
Flash          Yellow warm toned gold metal.

Metal Kat von D

Matte shades

Linen         Bright white matte.
Jet              Highly pigmented jet black.
Velour       A beautiful royal blue, great pigment.
Stone         Ashy grey.
Moss          Perfect khaki shade.
Ribbon      Light purple, but chalky.
Silk            Warm toned crease shade.
Fringe        Pastel peach.
Feather      Cool toned yellow shade.
Oak            Warm toned, perfect brown to define the crease.
Suede          Light skin shade, less pigmented.
Bone           Creamy beige.
Velvet         Beautiful wine shade.

Matte Kat Von D

Final Verdict

KAT VON D MetalMatte eyeshadow palette is massive. You get a good amount of eyeshadow in just one palette. It has amazing metal shades. I absolutely love them. They are highly pigmented and stays on pretty well on eyes. The only con is some of the matte shades, I wish them to be more pigmented but otherwise, it is a BOMB eyeshadow palette. You can create tonnes of eye makeup look using just this palette because of the variety of colours present in it. Surely, I am going to try out some makeup looks and share it on my social media handle.

I hope you enjoyed reading my first impression on KAT VON D MetalMatte eyeshadow palette. Share your views in the comment section below. I love reading them.

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