Indulgeo Essentials 24K Pure Rose Gold Facial Oil: Review

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24K Gold Flakes with the goodness of different essential oils in a cute glass bottle.. How does this sound?? Like a dream...Right???

24K Gold Facial oil

Today, I am going to talk about one of the best selling products by Indulgeo Essentials, a 21st-century luxury brand that offers natural, chemical-free and eco-friendly skin and hair care range.

Let's discuss more Indulgeo Essentials 24K Pure Rose Gold facial oil.

Product Description

This oil is prepared with mother's love and is 100% organic, this beauty oil is an effective lightweight moisturiser with added anti-aging benefits for all skin types.
Use it as a daily moisturiser, to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.
The pure 24K Gold flakes absorb right into your skin, leaving your skin glowing and naturally radiant. The base of this oil is Pumpkin seed oil which is mixed with 6 other essential oils. 
Pumpkin seed oil has been found to regenerate tissue and reduce the appearance of fine lines, hyperpigmentation, particularly zinc and Vitamin C helps tighten and firm, it's even great for oily skin.


INR 1280 for 15ml and INR 2300 for 30ml 
Visit their website to buy


24K Gold Flakes, Pumpkin seed oil, Rosehip seed oil, Vitamin-E oil, Orange peel oil, Bergamot oil, Lemongrass oil.

My Experience with Indulgeo Essentials 24K Pure Rose Gold Facial Oil


OMG! I fell in love the way it came to me. It was well wrapped with multiple layers of bubble wrap. 
It came in a beautiful pink box with Indulgeo Essentials logo on it.
Inside it was securely packed in a bubble wrap to avoid any kind of damage to bottle or spill.

Indulgeo essentials

Indulgeo Essentials 24K pure rose gold facial oil comes in a cute blue coloured glass bottle with a dropper. Glass bottle is always safer to store any kind of beauty product than a plastic bottle.
Overall, I loved the packaging. Travel-friendly and secure. There is a beautifully printed note inside the box by Supriya Malik, the owner of this amazing brand.

Rose Gold Oil


As soon as it arrived, I couldn't wait to try it. I twist opened the bottle and pressed the dropper top to take out the oil.
It looked mesmerising, just like "24K magic in a bottle". A light clear concoction of oil with gold flakes. Just WOW!!


It has the perfect texture, neither oily nor dry. It absorbs like a dream into the skin leaving it glowing.
As I have combination skin and in monsoon mostly toward oily, still I love to apply it daily as a moisturiser or under my makeup.

If you are a makeup freak like me, you must be aware of Farsali 24K Rose Gold facial oil. It is not available in India and is pretty expensive (around 5K). Although I haven't try that one but Indulgeo Essentials 24K gold oil is one of the amazing products I have tried.


Indulgeo Essentials

How to apply?

- I love to apply it as a daily moisturiser just after cleansing and toning.
- I use it as a makeup primer for smoother application.
- I like to hydrate my lips with a drop of rose gold oil before applying matte lipstick to avoid flaky lips.
- For that beautiful glow, I like to apply it on high points of my face before applying highlighter.

Rose Gold Oil

Overall Verdict

Indulgeo Essentials 24K Pure Rose Gold Oil is great for all skin type to keep skin moisturised and hydrated. It has anti-aging properties which help in reducing the appearance of fine lines.
I have been using this facial oil for over 2 weeks now and I am completely loving this. This has become my holy grail daily moisturiser. I can really feel an instant glow just after first use. My skin texture has improved. My dry patches around have healed. It does not break me out. It doesn't feel harsh or tingling on the skin.
Indulgeo Essentials have night facial oil and under eye oil also. I would definitely love to try them out in near future.


- A great daily moisturiser and primer.
- Good for all skin type.
- Doesn't break me out.
- Eco-friendly.
- Chemical-free.
- Light oil with the goodness of 24K gold flakes.
- Easily absorbed into the skin.
- Gives instant glow.
- Improves skin texture with regular use.
- 100% natural.
- Anti-aging properties.
- Helps smooth makeup application.
- Can be used as a lip moisturiser.
- A little quantity is required.


- Honestly, I can't find any, it does what it claims.

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