Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Blackhead 3 Step Sheet : Review

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Blackheads are a type of acne which is caused due to clogged pores. If you have oily or combination skin, you know how annoying these blackheads and whiteheads are. They keep coming back again and again and to get rid of them, you need to keep your skin as clean as possible.
Recently, I got blackhead removing 3 step sheet by Innisfree (a Korean brand which is recently launched in India) and today I am going to share my views on it. Keep on reading to know more.

Product Description

The Jeju Volcanic Blackhead 3 Step Sheet is a 3-step program sheet to effectively remove the blackheads that are deeply rooted in the pores.
It contains volcanic scoria ingredients to remove blackheads.
- Step 1 opens the pores to make blackheads accessible.
- Step 2 uses intensive treatment to remove blackheads.
- Step 3 tightens the pores in the area being treated.


INR 200 for 1 sheet. Available on NYKAA.

My Take On Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Blackhead 3 Step Sheet Mask

It comes in a single pack divided into 3 packets containing the sheet in each packet. The instructions are written on the back side of the pack.


Sheet 1: Pore opening sheet

It is a thick white sheet with a serum to help open pores. According to the instructions, apply the nose strip after cleansing and let it sit for 15-20 minutes.
It smells like some strong serum containing alcohol. The serum was dripping all over my mouth, I wiped it off with tissue and waited for 15 minutes. Then I removed the sheet slowly off my nose, wiped it off with tissue.

Sheet 2: Blackhead removal sheet

It is a black coloured blackhead removing strip. Wet nose before applying this strip. This strip sticks to the nose as it has some kind of adhesive. Now, wait for another 15 minutes πŸ˜‘. 
After 15 minutes, I removed the strip slowly and it was little painful and I could see some of the deep-seated blackheads coming out to the strip. 


Sheet 3: Pore tightening sheet

AH! After that painful removal, this sheet helped to ease off all the inflammation and redness. It helped to tighten pores so as to prevent further pore clogging.
The sheet gave me a cooling sensation and I enjoyed it the most. Removed after 15 minutes and dabbed the excess serum with my fingers.

**P.S: I had fun playing with insta filters while waiting for 15 minutes in each step. (The pictures 😝)

Does it really remove blackheads?

It removed most of the stubborn large blackheads on my nose as I could easily see them popping out of my nose in step 2 sheet. But it did not clear all of those small blackheads on my nose. It did not make big difference. You can see in the pictures below, it helped in extracting some of my deep-seated blackheads but did not help in removing the smaller ones. (I could still see tiny black dots on my nose.)


If you have fewer blackheads, it may work for you well. But I am extremely prone to blackheads and I think it's not worth to spend Rs 200 every other day and to spend almost an hour on Jeju volcanic sheet mask. I prefer scrubbing and masking instead of this sheet.



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