L'orèal Paris True Match BB Cream With SPF 35 PA+++: Review


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Monsoon tends to make my skin produce more oil and sometimes I look like an oil refinery 😝. To avoid the oily look on my face I like to use lesser products on my skin. Today, I am going to discuss one of the makeup essential products from my makeup collection which I feel the most important step of the makeup.


BB Cream stands for beauty benefit cream which helps to cover up all the imperfection on your face. It has good moisturizing properties to give you a perfect looking glowing skin.
L'orèal Paris True Match BB cream is one of my favourites. Let's discuss more in detail here.

Product Description

The first BB cream with 360 degrees skin care for idealizing natural, flawless skin tone texture, inside out.
A BB Skin Care Revolution: Skin's smoothness is retexturized, brightness retoned, and perfected from within.
Retexturize: Adenosine, dermatologically known anti-ageing active to smooth skin texture.
Retone: Vitamin C evens skin clarity, brown spots, and yellowish skin tone instantly appear to be neutralized.
Protect: SPF 35 PA+++ shields skin against environmental assault.


INR 699 for 30ml.

My Take on L'orèal Paris True Match BB Cream In Shade Gold.


It comes in silver finish cardboard box as an outer covering. Inside cardboard, L'orèal Paris true match BB cream is packed in a white coloured tube with a twist cap.
Loved the packaging, its simple, travel-friendly and spill proof.

It comes in 3 shades: Ivory, Gold, and Honey.

I picked the shade gold for my medium skin tone.

Shade Gold: Review

Review in shade Gold


L'orèal Paris true match BB cream in shade gold is a yellow based colour which suits fair to medium skin tone people. The BB cream is neither too thick nor runny.


How I apply?

I like to first prime my face with primer. Then, I take a pea sized amount of L'orèal Paris true match BB cream on the back of my hand. With the help of my fingers, I apply it all over my face and neck and then I use my damp beauty blender to give it a flawless and natural finish. Once blended, I like to set my face lightly with loose powder.


At first, you may feel it too light for your skin tone, but it eventually oxidizes on the skin and gives a pretty natural look.
I just love the way L'orèal Paris true match BB cream looks on my skin. It gives me a slightly dewy finish which I absolutely love. I do not prefer extremely matte finish in terms of the base.
It helps to provide a healthy glow to the skin and gives medium to full coverage. The BB cream is easily blendable.
Plus, L'orèal Paris true match BB cream has SPF 35 PA+++ which is pretty high and that's why I do not apply sunscreen beneath it. 
It stays on the skin for 6-7 hours without getting patchy. Though, I have to blot excess oil from my T-zone area after 3-4 hours.

L'oreal Paris True Match BB cream: gold


- Feels light on the skin.
- Provides good coverage.
- Need a pea sized amount.
- Buildable to full coverage.
- Gives a healthy glowing finish.
- Contains SPF 35 PA+++ for sun protection.
- Doesn't feel dry on the skin.
- Doesn't look cakey.
- Anti-ageing properties.
- Stays on skin 6-7 hours.
- Perfect for daily use.
- Smoothens fine lines.


- The shade range is suitable for very light to medium skin tone. No shade for the dusky complexion.



I would highly recommend L'orèal Paris true match BB cream to all who wants to have natural glowing finish all day. It builds up well and looks very natural. It is great for people with dry skin type as it provides hydration and moisture to the skin. 
This is by far the best BB cream I have used and I love to wear it daily to achieve the smooth flawless finish.

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  1. I haven't tried L'Oréal one yet.....I lyod the fact that it covers blemishes n spots very well....moisturizing is an additional fact.....n I loved ur detailed review too......

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  6. This loreal bb cream looks really nice. Its colour shade and texture is just perfect. Love its packaging too. I really like your review

  7. This loreal bb cream looks really nice. Its colour shade and texture is just perfect. Love its packaging too. I really like your review

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