Colorbar Newly Launched Kiss Proof Lipstick: First Impression

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Today, I have come up with yet another makeup product review which is recently launched in the market. It's Colorbar Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lipstick in stick form. As soon as I saw this product on their website, I couldn't wait to try it out as it is matte plus transfer proof plus it's not liquid which is absolutely new and no other brand is offering a transfer-proof lipstick in stick form.
So, I purchased Colorbar Kiss Proof Lipstick in shade Candy Coral from their official website.


Product Description

Turn up the heat with a range of sensuous colors to fill your lips. Packed and formulated with creamed energizing ingredients, this lipstick not only lasts for hours but also nourishes your lips. So, break away from all the crummy lipsticks that have ever let you down because this 'Kissproof Lipstick' is going to be your most prized possession.

kiss proof lipstick


INR 995 for 1.9gm

First Impression for Colorbar Kiss Proof Lipstick in Shade Candy Coral


It comes in a silver mirror finish cardboard packaging just like other Colorbar products. The lipstick also comes in a silver metal stick. As shown in the picture, the shape of the bullet is slim as compared to other lipsticks. I like the packaging. It is simple, compact and secure. Nothing too fancy.

first impression


I have got it in shade Candy Coral which is a warm toned orange color. I like orange lips colors that are not too bright. The texture of the lipstick is quite smooth. At first, It did not look like a matte, kiss proof lipstick to me. I swatched it on the back of my hand, it glided off so smoothly just like any creamy lipstick would. After a while, it started drying out to a matte finish. This was really interesting. This made me inquisitive to test it out on my lips.

Shade Coral

I applied the Colorbar Kiss proof lipstick directly from the bullet. It felt feather like and extremely moisturizing while applying. Soon after few seconds, it dried off to a completely matte finish. This is really surprising, yet unique property of this lipstick.

** You need to work faster while applying the lipstick, as it dries soon and if you apply a second layer on top of semi-dried or dried layer, it doesn't give you flawless looking lips. So, if you want to reapply the lipstick, remove it and then add another layer.**

Colorbar Kiss proof lipstick

Staying Power

Colorbar Kissproof Lipstick gives a completely matte finish in few seconds and it stays for 3-4 hours without making your lips dry. But it does make my lips fine lines very visible. I do not find this lipstick to be 100% transfer proof. It did stain my coffee mug on that evening.


- Feels so light on lips.
- Moisturizing formula.
- Complete matte finish.
- Do not bleed.
- Water-resistant formula.
- Easy to apply directly from the bullet.
- Smooth application in a single swatch.


- It is not 100% transfer proof.
- Need to work faster for a smoother application.
- Dry lines are visible clearly.



As Colorbar claims it to be kissproof, I did not find it 100% transfer proof like liquid mattes. It transfers and it enhances the appearence of lip's fine lines.
Although, I feel that there may be chances of other shades to be different from others. But as I have not tried any other shade I can't say much about Colorbar kiss proof lipstick.

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  1. The shade looks very pretty The dried effect can be an issue but your swatches gives clear idea about the lipstick this looks like worth trying

  2. I loved the lip color shade you have chosen! <3

  3. That is a very pretty shade. 'Kiss-proof' sounds interesting.

  4. The shade is very pretty but it's sad its transferable even though it claims yo be kiss proof.
    Thank you for an honest review

  5. Always wanted a lipstick from this brand. So now I can head to buy this one.

  6. Such a cool name - kiss proof lipstick.. Definitely on my list

  7. Shade is really pretty but fails on claims !! I loved the finish though

  8. Thank you for sharing the swatch. Would it be possible to share a larger swatcch?

    1. Sure!! Follow me on Instagram for more information. :)

  9. Use a primer on your lips, the same as your face works well n then apply this Lipstick!


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