IMPOWER Self Defence Pepper Spray: Must Carry One

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Have you ever felt unsafe or threatened while traveling or walking alone at night? I am sure the answer is Yes!!
The crime rate has been increasing drastically in India and it is really a matter of shame. But what we (citizens of the country) can really do about it. We can't change the state of mind of such psychotic people.

pepper Spray

Pepper spray is one such handy defence tool which we can carry along and use it when required. It is legal in India to use pepper spray on the face of the molester.
Today, I am going to share with you about Donna Global Impower Woman Defense Pepper Spray.


Product Description

Impower Self Defence Pepper spray is a self-defence essential from the house of DONNA, it is a strong and powerful spray. This is extremely power packed and seeks to be a saviour which you must carry with you, everytime and everywhere. The handy bottle comes in a non-inflammatory aerosol bottle with thumb cut dome cap which makes it easy to use and a sleek nozzle making the stream long up to 12 feet. This is all you need during any sudden threat. A splash of this pepper spray, helps you save yourself from any unfortunate circumstances and helps you protect yourself and feel safe from any action been taken by an attacker be it a human or in other scenarios harmful and wild animals too.
Effects of the pepper spray last up to 2 hours. This is 35 gms bottle which can spray up to 45 strong bursts.


INR 300 for 45 sprays.

My Take On Impower Woman Defence Pepper Spray

Review: Packaging

→ The first thing I have noticed about it was the size. It comes in a really handy spray bottle which can fit even in the tiniest bag you have. 

→ Secondly, the pepper spray bottle is lightweight. 

→ Next, Impower Woman Defence spray comes with a narrow opening nozzle which helps to spray long up to 12 feet. So, during any unfortunate circumstance, you can spray it from a distance too.


→ The pepper irritant is extremely strong and its effect can last up to 2 hours.

How to use?

In case of any unfortunate incident, just hold the spray, cover mouth with your hand and spray a strong stream of pepper spray to the face of the attacker. DON'T PANIC and spray it.
Its strong action starts working within a minute and can really make the attacker helpless. The pepper spray makes it difficult to breathe and causes strong coughing, sneezing and burning.

*Keep it within you reach i.e in your bag or even in your jacket.

** Real Test **
My husband was curious to know it's effect since the day I received the pepper spray. I told him not to try it inside the room. Being mischievous, he sprayed it one day without my consent in the room with the fan and AC on.
Within a minute, we both started coughing and sneezing so badly for almost half an hour. Our eyes were watering with burning sensation. It was hard to breathe. We rushed outside but the effect was so strong. So, this is how the real test was done. ๐Ÿ˜…

Review in India


- Small sized bottle.
- Lightweight.
- Convenient to carry.
- Strong pepper spray.
- The narrow nozzle can spray up to 12 feet long.
- 35gm of irritant can be sprayed 45 times.
- The effect lasts for 2 hours.
- Legal to use.
- Can cause strong burning, coughing, and sneezing.


- None. 

It is a must-have for everyone. Girls, buy one and keep it always with you.
I hope you find this post helpful.

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  1. Oh wow Pepper spray something we must have when you are out and alone. A good weapon it is

  2. Oh yes, pepper spray is something a women must carry always in her bag. Great to know of this product- impower!

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  7. This is a must have for we girls whenever we step out alone.. Simply great...

  8. I always carry pepper spray in my bag... Never step. Out of my home without this

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  10. This is the most important thing women, especially those who live and travel alone, must carry in their purse!

  11. This is most important and Useful product for everyone

  12. Pepper spray is a must have. It is great that it can be sprayed from a distance and also that the effect stays for quite a long time...

  13. Pepper spray is a must have. It is great that it can be sprayed from a distance and also that the effect stays for quite a long time...

  14. I have been looking for a pepper spray where do u get this

  15. this is such a necessity especially when you have to go out at night.. thanks for sharing!

  16. A very important and useful product for everyone. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey!
      Thanks for Appreciating the Product.
      You may buy IMPOWER Pepper spray online here at
      From Donna Team

  17. A very hsndy product and the right size.

  18. A very handy product and the right size.All girls need this now.

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  20. It is so important to keep a pepper spray handy, I always carry one in my bag! :)


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