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Are you getting married soon? Yay!! Congratulations darling. I believe getting married is life’s toughest decision as well as super exciting too. A perfect wedding is every girl’s dream. We all want to look our best on D-day.
It takes a lot of effort to be the bride you have dreamt of.
Today, I am going to talk about the most important part of being a beautiful bride i.e Bridal Makeup. One should never underestimate the power of right makeup.

Finding a skilled makeup artist is really tedious, but I am here to help you. You can look for professional BRIDAL MAKEUP artists with their price list online.

**Always remember, for a flawless makeup you have to follow a proper skin care routine to create a beautiful canvas. If you have any skin related issues, seek a dermatologist months before the big day.

Now, let's discuss latest Indian Bridal makeup styles that you can refer to or talk to your makeup artist.

1.    Smoke it out

The latest Indian bridal makeup look has transformed from sharp winged eyeliner to smudged kohl eyeliner look. It completely revamps the overall look of a bride. It makes you look younger.

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2.    Dewy Skin

Who doesn’t want a glowing healthy skin? Don’t worry if you have dry skin. With makeup, you can have a beautiful dewy skin that glows. Highlighting the right area of one’s face can make a huge difference to your overall look.

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3.    Foundation Rules

Gone are the days when the foundation was used to give you 2-3 tone fairer look. It is never a good choice to be the one who you aren’t. It looks uneven and doesn’t match your other body parts.
Embrace your beauty, and love yourself the way you are. Yeah! A little makeup never hurts.
Ask your makeup artist to apply foundation similar to your natural skin colour. Believe me, you will look flawless.

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4.    Cut-Crease Eye Makeup

Ah! I absolutely love cut-crease eye makeup look. It can be subtle as well as dramatic. Just the way you like your makeup to be, rock it with complimenting shades on your eyelids. Let the eyes do the talking.

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5.    Lipstick Speaks

It is not necessary to carry bold red lips anymore. Wear dramatic smokey eye with subtle peachy nude lips. But again, there are no rules, you can definitely rock the look with bold lip shades. If your eye makeup is subtle, opt for a bold lip shade matching to your outfit.

I hope you find this helpful and if you have any query please feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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