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A very Happy New Year to all of you. I wish this year be the best for you all. I hope you had great fun with your friends and family. I celebrated my new year eve at my home with family and on video chat with my hub (being a merchant navy officer's wife).

So, today's blog post is truly dedicated to all the tea lovers (green, black or milk tea). My weakness is coffee and I can understand the urge to have tea or coffee at any time. 
Recently, I have received few tea samples from The Indian Chai and I am going to tell you why it is different from all available in the market.


About The Indian Chai

The Indian Chai is the leading tea company in India offering multiple variants of Tea leaves. The company has almost every variety of Tea i.e Green Tea, Black Tea, Oolong Tea, White Tea, Organic Tea, Chai in a lot of variants.

Buy online directly from their website or from Amazon and enjoy the utmost flavoured tea of your choice.

I have received 5 variants of The Indian Chai tea.
- Bombay Cutting Tea
- Ginger Tea
- Memory Zest Tea
- Jasmine Green Tea
- Hibiscus Floral Tea
- And a small sample of Pure Assam Masala Tea

Out of these, Bombay cutting tea, Ginger tea and Pure Assam masala tea are the milk tea and Jasmine, Hibiscus and Memory zest tea are the herbal green tea.

1. Bombay Cutting Tea

As the name suggests, it is typical Mumbai chai. It has pure Assam tea with ginger roots, Cardamon, Fennel seed and Star anise.

Bombay Cutting Tea

Prepare a cup of tea with or without milk and enjoy the flavours of mixed herb tea. It tastes and smells amazing. My sister-in-law enjoyed it a lot because she likes masala tea.
Bombay cutting tea is a great option for a quick cup of flavoured chai.

2. Ginger Tea

It is ginger flavoured tea with pure Assam tea. Ginger is really good for cold and cough, so prepare a perfect cup of Adrak Chai in this winter season quickly to soothe your sore throat.
I drink tea occasionally and when I do, I prefer cardamon or ginger tea. So this one is my favourite among all. It has dried ginger roots which adds a wonderful aroma to the tea.

Ginger Tea

3. Memory Zest Tea

The Indian Chai

This one is what I have never tasted before and it tastes different but not bad. Why does it taste weird?? Because of its main ingredient Gingko Biloba. It is an ancient herb known for its ability to enhance memory.

** You should definitely try one if you are used to have green tea often.**

4. Jasmine Green Tea

It is Jasmine flavoured green tea. It is preferred to be served without milk. It tastes fine with a strong flavour of Jasmine flower, but I love my Japanese Jasmine Tea the most as it has no comparison.

The Indian Chai

5. Hibiscus Floral Tea

Hibiscus Rosa is a flower which is known for it's great health benefits. It is equally good for maintaining healthy hair and skin.

The tea has dried hibiscus flowers with leaves. It tastes like citrus fruit, more like cranberry. I really like this one. It is preferred to be served without milk.

** Memory Zest Tea and Hibiscus floral tea need to be kept in refrigerator before and after use so as to maintain the freshness and goodness of tea.**

If you are a hardcore tea lover, then you must check out The Indian Chai to explore different varieties of tea.

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