My Experience with Keratin Hair Treatment

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Welcome to my blog once again.

I was so skeptical about getting any hair treatment as I have fine hair and less volume. I have naturally soft wavy hair with an oily scalp 😕.
A few months back, I went for honey golden ombre hair color (Ah! It looks amazing, still in love 💖)
A few weeks later my hair became really frizzy and I didn't want them to cut short. So after a lot of research, I finally made my mind to get Keratin Hair Treatment.

What is Keratin Hair Treatment?

Keratin Hair Treatment helps to tame your frizzy hair and keep them shiny, frizz-free for up to 4 months.

It is a long process which involves 4 steps:

Pre-treatment shampoo: Your hair is washed with a pre-treatment shampoo for 10-15 minutes. This process makes hair porous so that the keratin gets into the hair shaft in the next steps. Your hair is blow-dried to make it ready for the treatment.

Keratin product application: This step involves the application of the product in small sections evenly to the hair leaving an inch from the scalp. Hair is tied and covered for 20-30 minutes.

Blow Dry and Iron: After this, the hair is blow dried and then ironed properly.

Post-treatment wash: Hair is washed after 48hours of the treatment.

My Experience with Keratin Hair Treatment

Where did I get it done?

I got my hair done at Villa Hair Sense, Sector 9D Chandigarh. The hair therapist checked my hair and told me that I would get great results after treatment as my hair were naturally smooth and wavy but a little frizzy.

1. Shampoo

So, he started with the pre-treatment shampoo. He told me that it was a pH shampoo which would open up the cuticle for the better absorption of the keratin.

Oh, God!! This step was the most tiring as I had to sit for almost half an hour with my neck back at the washing area. My neck almost broke that day. 
(My mind: Why? Why I had taken this decision to get my hair done? I am suffering now. 😛)

The therapist himself said that It doesn't take this much time, but as my hair are smooth and therefore taking long for them to get porous.
He shampooed my hair 3 times.
I was dying to get up from that spot and finally after half an hour, I was told to get up and sit on a comfortable salon chair. (Sigh of relief!)

2. Product application

My hair was blow-dried before the product application. It was a big bottle of the Kerarganic step 2 treatment. The hair therapist sectioned my hair and applied the product evenly all over my hair leaving an inch from my scalp.
It took almost 40 minutes for this step. He tied my hair in a bun and covered it with a shower cap.
(I had a strong coffee break in between, much needed).

Hair treatment

3. Ironing

After 30-40 minutes, my hair was blow dried 90% to get ready for the ironing. He ironed each small section of my hair for 2-3 times (such a tedious job). There were fumes while he was ironing my hair and I was provided with a mask in order to make myself comfortable. The fumes were not irritating but yeah the product had a little amount of formalin and that was why there were fumes.
Anyhow, a little exposure to formalin is not dangerous and Kerarganic products claim to be organically enriched with argan oil and bamboo extract.

4. Post-treatment wash

I was not allowed to wash my hair or tie for 2 days. After 2 days (with my flat greasy hair), I was so excited to wash my hair and see the true result.
I washed my hair at home with the salt and sulfate-free shampoo by Kerarganic. I didn't use any conditioner or mask.

Keratin hair treatment


# My hair takes less time to dry naturally,
# Feels extremely soft to touch.
# My hair color looks more vibrant.
# My shiny hair is back. YAY!!
# Looks naturally straight which I am loving the most. (Thank God! My hair is not pin straight after the treatment)
# Easy to manage.
# Easy to style.
# Can be curled with a curling iron.


** If you have fine hair like me, your hair is going to behave extremely straight up to 2-3 washes. After that, they look naturally straight.


INR 6500 ( depends on the length and volume of hair) plus INR 2000 for the salt and sulfate free keratin maintenance shampoo. I didn't buy the mask and the serum though.


It is a time-consuming process. Plan your treatment when you have a free day. My keratin hair treatment was completed in 4 hours. 

Overall Verdict

I am extremely happy with the results. I am loving my silky, shiny and naturally straight hair. It is an expensive hair treatment but once you get it done, you will know the worth of it. 

** If you have curly thick hair, don't expect 100% straight hair after the treatment because it's not a straightening treatment. Keratin hair treatment helps to bring your hair back to life. It helps to tame unruly hair with 30-40% straightening effect on thick hair.

I hope you find this helpful. If you have any query regarding this please leave a comment in the section below.

Be Dazzling always.

Much Love.


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