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I hope you all are good and dealing with this scorching hot summers. Ah! It's burning outside and we need to take extra care of our skin in this season.
* Do not forget to apply a generous amount of sunscreen every day. Protect yourself from extreme sunlight. Avoid stepping out from noon till 4pm.

Anyway coming to the topic, today I am going to give my reviews on the recently launched variant by L'Oreal clay mask.
Masking is an important skin care step and I feel like masking more in summer season instead of winters.
So, without further ado let's talk about L'Oreal Pure Clay Mask Detoxify.


Product Description

Indulgent. Transformative. Perfectly Clean

Transform skin in just 10 minutes with this 3 pure clays and charcoal mask for dull and tired looking skin. 
L'Oreal Paris Skin Experts have created a super-charged Pure-Clay face mask with the power and benefits of Charcoal to detoxify and illuminate your skin in just 10 minutes. Our indulgent and powerful face mask formula provides a luxurious experience while potent pure clays and charcoal act like a magnet to clean out pores and draw-out and captures deep impurities such as dirt, oil and pollution. This creamy, non-drying charcoal mask leaves skin feeling clean, velvety, and rebalanced, addressing your dull, tired skin to reveal a purified, even and radiant complexion. Immediately, skin looks brighter with a healthy glow. Our charcoal mask provides deep pore cleansing-dirt, dust and pollution are removed from skin. Skin's complexion looks fresher and more even. Use after use skin is clean as if detoxified. 


INR 750 for 50gm

First Impression


The packaging is really impressive. It comes in a huge carton and glass jar is securely packed. The detoxify pure clay mask comes in a transparent glass jar with a double lid to keep it fortified and fresh.
Overall, the packaging is great in terms of keeping the mask free from bacteria but is not travel-friendly because of the heavy glass jar. (I won't mind transferring a little amount in a small container while traveling.)


L'Oreal pure clay detoxify mask is black in colour because of its main ingredient "Japanese active charcoal".
The texture is quite smooth to touch and glides on like cream. A little amount of the mask is required to cover the face. The mask is a blend of 3 clays with the goodness of charcoal (known for deep cleansing of the skin).

How to Use

I washed my face with face wash and applied toner. Then I applied a thick layer of clay mask with the help of my fingers. It felt so smooth and gave a cooling sensation in the beginning. As the mask dries, my skin felt firm and tight.

Freshly applied

After almost 10 minutes, I washed my face with plain water. The mask came out easily.

Dried Mask After 10-15 minutes

Skin felt clean and fresh and the best part about this mask was that it did not leave my skin dry. I applied moisturizer immediately after washing away the mask so as to restore the moisture.
I applied the mask after 3 days again and my skin was smooth and soft afterward. Although, I haven't seen much difference in the reduction of blackheads but it definitely cleanses dirt effectively leaving skin well nourished.

Skin looks a little red after mask wash off

Final Verdict

L'Oreal detoxify pure clay mask is great for people with sensitive skin as it helps to sooth the burnt skin and cleans out the dirt and oil. This mask can be used 2-3 times in a week so as to see visible results. 
The creamy and smooth consistency of this mask helps to spread easily and evenly on skin providing all the goodness of it.
This mask is best to be used in hot summers to make skin feel fresh and breathe from within.
Overall, it is quite a decent face mask for all skin types.



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