Activewear Guide: What To Wear During Workout Sessions?

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The right clothing is must for a perfect and effective workout session. Activewear or Athleisure style is the upcoming hottest trend in India now. The fabric of activewear is mostly dry-fit, airy and comfortable. The right fit and style makes your workout pleased and relaxed.

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One can really not exercise comfortably in loungewear or casual clothes. That is why activewear is needed.

Activewear includes a pair of stretchable pants or shorts, dry-fit T-shirt and, most important of all, sports bra. The sports bra is designed to give full support and comfort during medium to high impact workout.
Let's discuss more these in detail.

What to wear, according to your body type and exercise?

Perfect fitting pants

* Keep in mind to buy breathable fabric. Look for label dry-fit, quick-dry so that you don’t feel itchy during or after a workout due to sweat.

* Buy mid or high waist pants. During yoga or stretching you might have to go too low in a pose, and you really don’t want to feel uncomfortable with low waist pant. So always go for mid or high waist fitting. (It helps to hide your tummy fat too ;) to make you look lean and appropriate.)

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* A nice pair of running tights is preferable instead of lose fitting pants because they prevent wobble and chaffing thighs.

T-shirt or Vest

* If you are lean then you can carry a crop top or racerback top to look stylish yet comfortable. You can choose from cotton or dry-fit fabric depending upon the choice of your workout.

Gym essentials
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* A little overweight?? No worries. Wear a loose fit vest or T-shirt to stay comfortable and workout at your own comfort.

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* Make sure you don’t buy very loose fit for running to avoid wobble and sagging.

Sports Bra

Sports Bra is really important for any workout. It is specially designed to give extra comfort and support. It helps to reduce the movement and bouncing and prevent the breast muscles from sagging. There are different impact level sports bras available ranging from low impact to high impact level.

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A low impact level sports bra is generally without padding, wires and seamless. It provides a minimal level of support and is perfect for yoga.

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A medium impact level sports bra gives medium support and can be worn for light jog/walk, strength training. Wider straps help to provide extra support to reduce muscle strain.

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A high impact level sports bra provides incredible support. It is ideal to be worn for high-intensity exercises like running, skipping, kick-boxing etc. It has underwire, padding and a supportive broad waistband for comfort wear.
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* Your sports bra should feel a bit tighter than your regular bra, but it must be comfortable too.

Right pair of shoes

* Get a good pair of running or trainer shoes to avoid hurting your feet at the end of a workout session.
* Invest in good quality breathable shoes to avoid excess sweating.

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I hope you find this article helpful. Don’t hesitate to ask me for any query in the comment section below.

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